About Us

Everest is one of India’s fastest growing building solutions companies. It is the most trusted and dominant name in the construction industry today. A strong presence in the country for over 80 years has sharpened our expertise to provide complete building solutions for all. We have constantly evolved and understood every nuance of building construction while keeping up with changing times. Over time, we have also grown to understand the construction needs of a consumer better. Our in depth interaction with them has given us powerful insights to provide an umbrella of solutions for different sectors of the industry.

Today, we provide building products and building solutions for commercial, industrial and residential sectors in over 25 countries.   In India, we distribute our products across 1,00.000 villages and 600 cities, through 8 state-of-the-art facilities, 6000 outlets, 38 sales depots and 14 offices. Our product portfolio of Roofing, Ceilings, Walls, Flooring, Cladding and Pre-engineered buildings meet every international standard, so it was only natural that we set our sights globally. High volume exports to Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia have earned us a powerful reputation in markets worldwide.

At Everest, every product is the outcome of an exemplary level of research innovation and service support systems. Our manufacturing facilities are constantly upgraded to meet present quality control standards and have the capacity to keep up with the growing market demand. While new products are being tested and developed at our central laboratories, existing ones swiftly make their way across the subcontinent via a nationwide network of Stockist and Dealers, to ensure availability and prompt deliveries anywhere, be it a village, small town or big city.

At Everest, we are focused on the environment and promote the ‘Green Building’ concept using durable materials for energy efficiency. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding on the uses and applications of fibre cement products and provide detailed technical assistance in the form of designs, drawings and implementation for every project.